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Why publish a web site for an obscure un-manned Apollo mission?

The primary purpose of this site is to shed light on the importance of the flight and recovery of Apollo 6 in the context of America's race to the moon during the 1960's. Apollo 6 was one of many stepping stones in our effort to reach the moon ahead of the Soviets. This test flight occurred on April 4, 1968, the same day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee. That tragedy and the fact that this flight was un-manned, relegated Apollo 6 to virtual obscurity.

This site reveals the current location of the Apollo 6 Command Module and the grassroots effort to see the Apollo 6 capsule restored. There is also an interesting link that points out the locations of all other Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules.

The Moon Page...

...is intended to provide general information and links about the manned Apollo missions that went there and some of the best links I have seen regarding maps and photographs of the moon. There are also a number of links for images of the Earth on this page.

There is also a link to Mars...

...hidden in various places in this web site. As you may be aware, there is a lot of activity under way at NASA regarding the red planet. This hidden link will change from time to time without warning. Have fun finding it and checking it out.

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