Richard Jones'
Trans-Atlantic Rowing Expedition

Topography of Lands and Regions

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Map courtesy John Sorenson from his book
An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon
This map is still only a theoretical map. It's construction as to spatial references is based solely on descriptive narration gleaned from the writings of Book of Mormon authors. These authors make note of the following geographical features:
  1. A land of Moron which was "up" in relation to the East Coast.
  2. A prominent hill north of the "narrow neck", close by the East Sea, known as Ramah to the Jaredites and as Cumorah to the Nephites. Both civilizations fought their last battles in the vicinity of this hill.
  3. An East Sea.
  4. A "narrow neck" of land separating the land north from the land south.
  5. A West Sea.
  6. A west wilderness, a range of mountains that paralleled the coastal zone.
  7. A strip of coastal lands stretching from the "lands of first inheritance" north to the "narrow neck".
  8. A river called Sidon, that ran south to north.
  9. A land called Zarahemla, situated in a relatively dry valley, separated from the coastal zone by the west wilderness.
  10. The city of Manti situated at the head of the river Sidon.
  11. The city and land of Nephi being "up" in relation to the coastal zone. Richard Kimball Jones