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My References:

1 Joseph Smith & successive LDS leaders taught that the Nephites & Lamanites ranged over all or most of North & South America. This is documented by Joseph Fielding Smith, 10th President of the LDS Church, in his work, 'Doctrines of Salvation' in 3 volumes. (Bookcraft, 1955), 3:232-243.

2 Hugh Nibley, 'An Approach to the Book of Mormon', (Deseret Book, 1964, 1979), p. 370; David J. Johnson, 'Archaeology', in 'Encyclopedia of Mormonism', in 4 volumes. (New York: Macmillan, 1992), 1:62-63.

3 Lamanites are mentioned as principal ancestors of the American Indians in the Introduction to the 'Book of Mormon' (Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1981 edition)

4 Sorenson's theory involving Mesoamerica is detailed in his book, 'An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon' (Deseret Book, 1985).

5 Placenames on the map I created & their positions were derived from multiple sources: The cover art of John L. Sorenson's book, 'Mormon's Map' (F.A.R.M.S. Paperback - 2000) and the following 3 web pages:

........ www.slateblue.com/~kimball/distance2.html
........ www.cometozarahemla.org/b-of-m_map.html

This survey and all of its contents are my sole creation. They are not intended to slander or degrade any individual, belief or organization. I am seeking honest, scholarly answers to my direct questions, based on real data as interpreted by the scientists & scholars who have worked in the region on this subject. I have attempted to be fair & balanced in my portrayal of facts & events. Note: Use of any of this material without my permission is kindly prohibited.


© 2001 - Daniel M. Wright - The Alleged Mormon Lands Archaeological Survey