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My Personal Observations:

Cultures and events described in the Book of Mormon would undoubtedly leave considerable evidence, having been allegedly comprised of millions of individuals and more than 2600 years of almost continuous occupation in a very confined region.

This evidence would comprise everything from ruined cities and villages, to battlefields, farm lands and burial sites. One should be able to find, it seems to me, examples of all of the implements of life: tools, pottery, furnishings, jewelry, weapons, etc. and they should clearly have the earmarks of 'Semitic' or 'Old World' influence.

The Book of Mormon is said to have been written in 'Reformed Egyptian'. Writings, engravings and artworks of many kinds should exist displaying some form of Egyptian, Hebrew or other Semitic writing. Common sense dictates that the best of these writings, artworks and engravings would mention and extol the rulers, cities, wars and religion described in the Book of Mormon.

My Direct Questions For You To Consider Responding To:

Have you seen any reliable archaeological remains of the Nephite, Jaredite, Lamanite, Zoramite or Gadianton Robber civilizations in Mesoamerica? Have you seen even a reference to the names of their cultures/kings/civilizations?

Is it possible that any of the excavated, major city-sites in Mesoamerica, attributed to the Olmec, Toltec, Mixtec, Aztec or Mayan cultures, are simply misinterpreted? Could they instead actually be that of the Nephites, Jaredites, Lamanites, Zoramites or the Gadianton Robbers? If not ... where are their cities?

Is there any DNA or migratory evidence to suggest/support/prove that the early people groups occupying Mesoamerica, during this ancient period, could actually have originated from Semitic nations - from the ancient middle east?

Has anyone ever seen instances of Egyptian or Hebrew writing in any of the Mesoamerican excavation sites? On gold or brass or copper plates, in relief art on temples, palace walls, murals, burial structures, etc.?

Is there evidence of Pre-Classical, Mesoamerican peoples using domesticated elephants for labor or military initiatives? Did these Pre-Columbian cultures also utilize/domesticate horses? Is there evidence of horse-drawn chariots? Is there evidence of a thriving silk industry from this ancient time period? What animals were domesticated in ancient Mesoamerica?

Are there evidences of the importation and cultivation of 'Old World' foodstuff grains such as Wheat or Barley into Mesoamerica? Is there evidence of introduced plants that would have clear origins from Palestine, the Arabian peninsula or Mesopotamia? What about the cultivation of honey bees during this time frame?

Have you ever heard of these Book of Mormon Kings: Nephi, Omni, Mosiah, Benjamin and Noah? Where are their palaces and tombs?

Is there any data to demonstrate that religious temples from this region were designed or ever intended for the worship of the God of Israel? Was the God of Israel ever the God of the peoples of ancient Mesoamerica [2200BC - 420AD]?

Did ancient Jews and/or Christians have a thriving civilization in Mesoamerica at any time between 2200BC - 420AD?


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