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I Am Requesting Your Professional Opinion - A Brief Overview Follows

I selected you to receive this survey specifically because of your expertise and scholarly contributions in the field[s] of Pre-Columbian archaeology and/or anthropology. I consider you an authority on the subject.

As such, I am seeking your candid assessment of these 'Book of Mormon' events based on your knowledge & understanding of current evidence and your own research. Who better to ask, than the scholars and researchers who have direct access to the archaeological data from the region in question? What follows, is a very brief overview of the lands, peoples and events described in the Book of Mormon using maps and a timeline which I created based on my research. I've highlighted only those places and events that seem likely to leave major physical evidence.

The LDS Church apparently has no official opinion on the matter of geography and their scholars generally seem to have two differing theories surrounding the events and places described in the Book of Mormon. 0f late, LDS scholars seem to prefer a smaller scenario in Mesoamerica because there are problems with the vast scale of the earlier, traditional viewpoint that involved the whole of the Americas.


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